Decorative aspect of nickel and chrome platingDecorative aspect of nickel and chrome plating

Nickel electroplating

  • Applying a layer of nickel onto steel, copper (and its alloys)
  • Purposes: protective, functional and protective-decorative functions
  • Applications: automotive industry (bumpers, pipes, rimes), household goods, plumbing fixtures and many others
  • Advantages: the layers of nickel guarantee a bright, smooth and decorative surface.
  • Outstanding properties of nickel, such as corrosion protection, hardness and wear resistance increase the value of the product.
Nickel and chrome plating are widely used in number of industriesNickel and chrome plating are widely used in number of industries

Chrome decorative plating

  • A thin layer of chromium (0.6-1.3 µm) is applied over previously applied layer of bright nickel.
  • Purposes: protective and decorative
  • Advantages: increased durability of the material, high aesthetics guaranteed for many years and attrition and scratch protection of the surface.