Nickel surface has a bright silver colourNickel surface has a bright silver colour

Nichrom is an expert in nickel electroplating and chrome decorative plating. Galvanizing at Nichrom came to its perfection thanks to high specialization and years of experience. At the core of our service is the excellence of the technological process.


High quality of galvanisation is a priorityHigh quality of galvanisation is a priority

As much as a technical expertise, the long-lasting relationships with our partners are the trademark of Nichrom. Customer care on each step of the service is a philosophy of the company. The Nichrom experts believe that trust and continuous contact with a customer are the key elements to build a high quality, tailor-made service.


Nickel electroplating examplesNickel electroplating examples

Nichrom was established on 1968, by Eugeniusz Ozierański, as one of the first companies to offer the galvanisation services in Lower Silesia in Poland. More than 45 years after, this manufacturer is one of the leaders of the region, specializing in nickel electroplating and chrome plating. Today, it is Tomasz Ozierański who pursues the unique vision of his father: an outstanding levels of the technological excellence and trust and honesty in relations with a customer.